Susanna Majuri

Susanna Majuri lives and works in Helsinki. She is a member of the Helsinki School.

Her images are dominated by water. It is simultaneously her subject, work material and symbol. She photographs herself and others by and in the water in mysterious situations, more reminiscent of film stills. The artist scours the water for parallel worlds and dream worlds.
She says: “I suggest: we can be multiple. Touch your enviroment and it will show itself as fantastic. People are unpredictable. They are male and female at the same time. Eyes whisper sparks. The water is the most remarkable. It carries bodies. Water is colour. The shimmer and the deep green. My challenge is to see the reality in a non-traditional light. When I am shooting pictures, I have a premonition that something strange is about to happen. I follow the logic of colours, when I combine places, people and objects. To me the most important quality of photography is it´s capability to convey emotions. I suggest: imagine the details a bit further.

Who is drawing trees in to the pond. When you touch the surface of the house it turns out to be your companion. I throw myself into a fictive reality in the shootings. My heart beats wildly when I can feel the presence of surprises. When you´re in love, but bid farewell to the channel. You forgot the ship and it sinks. When the fall is unreachable behind the grey sorrow. I want to narrate feelings like in novels. The reader of images gets a chance to handle her lost and encounters. There is a place for danger. Did you die when you saw the shadow of the bird?
The language is a map and draws around us, unknown and familiar. I believe in a single image. It breaths strong.”