Ratko Odalović

Ratko Odalović (1964), born in Grahovo, Montenegro. He graduated and received a master degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of professor Živojin Turinski. He is the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje and teaches painting. He is a member of the Association of Artists of Montenegro. He has participated and held many solo and group shows in prestigious galleries and art fairs in Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine and Finland. Odalović has received numerous awards, among them the National Award “Petar Lubarda” in 2012.

“My painting constantly opens up some new chasms and drags you into other spaces. It provides us with other stories that would exist and it is difficult to get rid of them. You can hardly believe that anyone did that, because this process lasts while the creator is alive. And perhaps it would not have been necessary for a man to paint all that he wanted”.

Solo Exhibitions

– 2018. “Constructs and Consumers”, JU Museums and Galleries Budva, Montenegro
– 2016. Gallery Haos, Belgrade, Serbia
– 2015. Gallery A, Niksic, Montenegro
– 2015. National Gallery of Macedonia (Cifte amam), Skopje, Macedonia
– 2014. Museum of Perast, Perast, Montenegro
– 2012. Space about Hidden Toys, Museum of Contemporary Art (Cer Museum of modern art), Ankara, Turkey
– 2011. Cycle [HOMUNKULI], 41. Ratkovic’s Poetry Evenings, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
– 2010. Rapporto da una citta occupata, Gallery Bosi Artes, Rome, Italy
– 2010. Gallery of the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, Split, Croatia
– 2010. Gallery City Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
– 2009. National Museum Labin, Labin, Croatia
– 2009. Gallery Cvajner, Pula, Croatia
– 2007 Gallery of the City of Kotor, Kotor, Montenegro
– 2005/06. Gallery Dragon, Tallinn, Estonia
– 2005. Stoa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
– 2004. Art Galery Montenegro stars, Bečići, Montenegro
– 2003. Royal Nicholas Castle, Bar, Montenegro
– 2000. Gallery “Tiodorović” Podgorica, Montenegro
– 1997. Moderna galerija Budva, Crna Gora
– 1996. Gallery of the Yugoslav Cultural Center, Paris, France
– 1995. Gallery of the Cultural Center, Podgorica, Montenegro
– 1994. “Sveti Stefan” Gallery, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
– 1994. Yugoslav Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
– 1993. Gallery “Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation” Belgrade, Serbia

Group Exhibitions

– 2019. “Windows”, mc2gallery, Lustica bay, Montenegro
– 2016. “Cross-section of Montenegrin contemporary art scene 2006-2016”, Montenegrin Gallery
art “Miodrag Dado Đurić”, Cetinje, Montenegro
– 2016. “Montenegrin contemporary art scene – through the vision of 8 artists”, Castle
Petrović, Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
– 2016. Imago Mundi (Luciano Benetton Collection), Imago Montenegrina, Contemporary
Artists from Montenegro
– 2015. Art Salon “Petar Lubarda”, National Museum of Cetinje, Montenegro
– 2015. 37. Montenegrin Art Salon “13. November “, Gallery of the Ministry of Culture, Cetinje
– 2015. XI Art Meetings “Old Bridge”, Sutomore
– 2015 International Art Exhibition INTERACADEMIA, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– 2015. Masters of Contemporary Montenegrin Fine Arts – Collection of Maritime Heritage
Porto Montenegro, Gallery Gayo, Tivat
– 2014. Hercegnovski zimski salon, Galerija “Josip Bepo Benković”, Herceg Novi
– 2014. Gallery “City”, Podgorica
– 2014. “20 Years of the Gallery of Most”, Gallery “Most”, Podgorica
– 2014. “25 years of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje”, Petrović Castle, Center
contemporary art of Montenegro, Podgorica
– 2014. “42. World Gallery of Drawings”, Biennial of Drawings Skopje, Macedonia
– 2013. World Art Games, Ludbreg, Vukovar, Umag
– 2013. Let’s art, Gallery “S”, Ljubljana, Art Pavilion, Podgorica
– 2013. International symposium and exhibition, Gallery Ozone Belgrade
– 2013. Montenegrin Contemporary in Baroque Perast, Perast Museum, Perast
– 2012. “Petar Lubarda” Salon, National Museum of Cetinje, Cetinje
– 2011. Podgorica, 110th year of Prva banka – Castle of King Nikola (Dado Djurić, Branko
Filipovic-Filo, Vojo Stanic and Ratko Odalovic)
– 2011. 20 years later “Castle of King Nikola, Podgorica
– 2011 – Exhibition “Inv. Br. 2005-12 Faculty of Economics “Podgorica
– 2005. “Silence” Podgorica; Sarajevo
– 2005. Herceg Novi Art Salon Herceg Novi
– 2004. Vrhovi savremene crnogorske umjetnosti, Podgorica
– 2004. Contemporary Montenegrin Art, Lviv, Ukraine
– 2004. Contemporary Montenegrin Art, Museum of Eastern and Western Art, Odessa
– 2003 International Miniature Exhibition, Podgorica
– 2002. Herceg Novi winter hall Herceg Novi
– 2002. Exhibition of Drawings, Gallery of the Youth Center Podgorica
– 2001 Autumn Salon, Paris, France
– 2001. Individual poetics, Moderna galerija Budva
– 2001. Kolegium artistikum Gallery, Sarajevo
– 2000. Modern Montenegrin art, Cologne, Germany
– 1999 “Montenegro 2000” Sarajevo; Ljubljana
– October October Salon, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric” Belgrade
– 1997. Haos Gallery, Belgrade
– 1997. Traditional exhibition ULUCG, Podgorica
– 1997. Modern Montenegrin painting, Washington, USA
– 1996. Traditional exhibition ULUCG, Podgorica
– 1996. Contemporary Montenegrin Art Rome; Bari, Italy
– 1993. Golden Pen, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric” – Belgrade
– 1993th October Salon, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
– 1991. Gallery “Velimir Leković”, Bar
1991. Exhibition of young Montenegrin artists, Moderna galerija, Titograd
– 1990. Perspectives XVIII, Gallery “Andrićev venac” Belgrade
– 1989 Spring Salon, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric” Belgrade
– 1987 Spring Salon, Gallery “Cvijeta Zuzoric” Belgrade


– 2012. State Award “Petar Lubarda” – Cetinje
– 2010 Award at the Montenegrin Art Salon “13. November “- Cetinje
– 2003. Award at the International Miniature Exhibition – Podgorica
– 1996. Painting Award at the ULUCG Traditional Exhibition – Podgorica
– 1994. Gallery of the Foundation Ilija M. Kolarac – Exhibition of the Year – Belgrade
– 1987. “Petar Lubarda” Fund – Faculty of Fine Arts – Belgrade