1980 - London

Nicolas Feldmeyer

Feldmeyer uses the existing architecture to create new spaces integrating conflicting materials and playing with simplicity of the elements and the perception of the reality and the everyday things. In his last work, Untitled, he surrounded the columns of a portico of the London University (UCL) central building with some fabric strips. These straps of translucent and lightweight material wrap the massive structure of the portico, enveloping the open space and offering a game of weights, lights and shadows from the inside. Often Nicolas’ work, using gestures that appear ordinary, opens a new contemplative prospective on the world.

He exploits different materials in order to communicate us his perception of the world: from miniature postcard collages to monumental public art pieces, digital prints to short films. His works articulate a quiet quest for something clear and essential beyond the accidental distractions of the everyday. Landscapes, geometry and everyday materials are recurring motifs of Feldmayer work. Inspired by archaic monuments, the Sublime and Taoisme, his work represents an investigation on what lies beyond or before words, assuming a natural connectedness between seemingly separate entities but connected by the same sensibility of the artist first off, ours then. Avoiding appointing a code which tries to translate the sense, but allowing the viewer interpreting the reality that, like he has already known, everyone of us has in front of himself and often he overlooks in his simply and powerful beauty.

Solo Shows

2018 Beacon, site-specific installation, Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall, London
2016 Towards the Horizon, site-specific installation, Fanø, Denmark
2015 Lacunae, Art Lacuna Project Space, London
2015 Subliminal Spaces, Maddox Arts, London
2014 mc2 gallery, Milan
2011 Untitled (Crypt), Christ Church Spitalfields, London
2011 Greed, Helvetic Centre at Past Vyner Street, London
2007 Arbeitet, 5m3, Basel

Group Shows

2020 London Art Fair, with Encounter Contemporary

2019 Everything Must Go, Assembly Point, London
2019 Photographs, Sotheby’s, London
2019 Border Lines, Maddox Arts, London
2019 London Art Fair, with Encounter Contemporary

2018 Five Trillion Times, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
2018 Every Thing, Assembly Point, London
2018 5×10 Rolfe Judd Architects, The Bridge Theatre, London
2018 Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York Art Gallery
2018 A History of Drawing, Camberwell Space, UAL, London
2018 Winter Show, Maddox Arts Gallery, London

2017 Art of the Postcard, Handel Street Projects, London, 2 September – 8 October 2017
2017 No Lemon, No Melon, Flowers Gallery, New York, 20 July – 2 Sept 2017
2017 Marbella Art Fair, with Maddox Arts, Spain
2017 Artist Rooms, Encounter Contemporary at Copeland Gallery, London
2017 Right Through You, with Miraj Ahmed and Richard Wentworth, Koppel Project Hive, London
2017 Nicolas Feldmeyer / Mattia Pajè, Microburst, Milan

2016 Taking Control, Urban Photo Fest, Old Police Station Deptford, London
2016 Romanticism and the Sublime, Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes, London
2016 Unseen Photo Fair with mc2 gallery, Amsterdam
2016 Paper Moon, Greenbelt Festival, Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
2016 Exhibition public art projects Rosengarten, Fachstelle Kunst und Bau, Zurich
2016 Art16 Art Fair, with Maddox Arts, London
2016 Märkli. Chair of Architecture at the ETH Zurich 2002-2015, Semester Works, ETH Zurich

2015 Wish You Were Here?, 24 Oct 2015 – 28 Feb 2016 Hestercombe Gallery, Taunton
2015 Perfectionism (Part II), Griffin Gallery, London
2015 Back to the things themselves, Assembly Point, London
2015 Photo Basel, with mc2 gallery, Basel
2015 Weight for the Showing, curated by Paul Carey-Kent, Maddox Arts, London
2015 Art15, with Maddox Arts, London
2015 Off-course art fair, with Academy Now and mc2 gallery, Bruxelles
2015 MIA art fair, with mc2 gallery, Milan
2015 Hold The Line, Halle.li, Schlieren, Zurich
2015 Gallery Screening, Copperfield Gallery, London
2015 Arte Fiera art fair, with mc2 gallery, Bologna

2014 Here Today…, Old Sorting Office, Holborn, London
2014 Lumen Prize Exhibition, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
2014 96 Hours, Seoul, Korea
2014 The Others Fair, mc2gallery, Turin, Italy
2014 Cordy House, project curated by Encounter Contemporary, London
2014 (un)real, Maddox Arts, London
2014 ACAVA Open Studios, London
2014 The Moving Image Project, by Charlie Levine, Japan, India, UK, USA, New Zealand
2014 Lumen Prize Exhibition, Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Arts, London
2014 Into The Fold, Camberwell College of Art, UAL, London
2014 Hacking Spaces, Bosse&Baum with Orproject, London
2014 Academy Now I Bologna, Art Defender, Bologna
2014 Time-based media, UCL Art Museum, London
2014 A.s.s. architectes + SOS Enfants, charity fundraising, Geneva

2013 Slade Print Fair, University College London
2013 Lumen Prize Exhibition, New York Institute of Technology, New York City
2013 Lumen Prize Exhibition, ArcadeCardiff, Queens Arcade, Cardiff
2013 The Laying on of Hands, 5th Base Gallery, London
2013 FreshFaced+WildEyed 2013, The Photographer’s Gallery, London
2013 Liste 18, de Appel arts Centre and The Fair Gallery, Basel
2013 Metamorphose, Islington Arts Factory, London
2013 Line and Form Fundraising Exhibition, West Dean College, West Sussex
2013 Salon Flux Nr. 6, Unit 10 Dalston, London
2013 Other Spaces: Re-Imagining Architecture, 7-9 Tryon Street, London
2013 The Catlin Guide 2013, London Art Fair
2013 Academy Now 2012, 30 Maple Street, London

2012 Vega, Top Office Machines, 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London
2012 Group#4, Gallery SixtySevenA at City Studios, London
2012 One Day in the City, UCL Art Museum, London
2012 East-West Art Award Competition, La Galleria Pall Mall, London
2012 Alter, Vegas Gallery, London
2012 Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations, Victoria House, London
2012 exUrban Screens, Frankston, Australia
2012 Young Masters Fundraising Exhibition, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London
2012 Slade MA/MFA Degree Show, Slade School of fine art, UCL, London
2012 The Function Of The Oblique II – Action, Son Gallery, London
2012 The Function Of The Oblique I – Resistance, No Format Gallery, London

British Museum
British Land
UCL Art Museum

2018 Aesthetica Art Prize – longlisted
2016 1st prize public art competition ‘Rosengarten’ Zurich
2016 Shortlisted, Jon Schueler Scholarship, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye
2015 Nominated, BNL BNP Paribas Group Award
2015 1st prize public art competition ‘Cork Street Mews’ London
2015 Nominated, Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts, Trinity College, Cambridge
2013 Lumen Prize Finalist Award
2013 Finalist, FreshFaced+WildEyed 2013, The Photographer’s Gallery, London
2012 Winner, Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations 2012
2012 Best Category Prize (Contemporary), East-West Art Award 2012
2012 William Coldstream Prize
2012 Nomination, Land Securities Award
2011 Shortlisted, Bloomberg New Contemporaries
2006-2007 Institution Award, San Francisco Art Institute, USA
2006 Fulbright Grant, USA
2005 Erich Degen Scholarship, ETH Zurich