1972 - Brussels

Noé Sendas

Noé Sendas, Brussels, 1972 lives and works in Madrid and in Berlin, where he and five other artists founded the artist-run space Invaliden1.
Sendas’s double interest in the printed and the moving image leads him to choose photography and video as critical media for building and documenting a journey that also incorporates drawing, collage, sculpture and installation. By manipulating the image, Noé Sendas questions notions of identity and authorship, attributing other meanings to pre-existing works.

In turning to photography as a field for experimenting with the metamorphoses of images, the artist recovers surrealist techniques (collage, superimposition) and updates them with digital technologies, allowing some of their aspects to be removed and remade. On the other hand, he manipulates the printing method as if he were producing photographs from that era, raising doubts about time and authorship, a strategy especially visible in the series Crystal Girls (since 2009). By transforming collected and serialised images, Noé Sendas creates galleries of ambiguous portraits that can be read as reproductions of works of art from museums, self-portraits of the artist or reflections of the spectator.


GERMINAL. The Cabrita Reis section in the EDP Foundation Art Collection

Photo Basel


Walking and Remembering, HOPSTREET GALLERY

Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue



Roma, circa 2017, Visionarea Art Space, Rome


Spr ezza tur a, mc2gallery , Milan

Another dimension, Galeria Fernando Pradilla


2014 To mak e ends meet

Invaliden1 Galerie, Berlin

G e o m e t r i e s

a collaboration with Sandra Feio, BlankPaper, Madrid

T he eighteeth january two thousand and four teen

Galeria Presença, Oporto

2012 Mystery Guest

Contretype – Centre d’art contemporain pour la Photographie, Brussels

D e s c o n o c i d a s

Galeria Miguel Nabinho, Lisbon

Galeria Raquel Ponce, Madrid

L o n g – d i s t a n c e r e l a t i o n s h i p s

Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea – Museu do Chiado, Lisbon

2011 Sabotage

Invaliden1 Galerie, Berlin

R e c e n t w o r k s

BES Espaço Tranquilidade, Lisbon

Pa r a l l e l

Museum Centrum de Pontendera, Italy

2010 Char acters se ar ching for an author

Palácio da Galeria Museum, Tavira, Portugal

AR.CO Art Fair/PRO10 – CINEMALoop, Madrid,

2009 T he Chairman

invaliden1 Galerie, Berlin

R e s e r v e d
Galeria Fernando Santos, Oporto

2008 T he Hunter

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon

T h e D r e a m e r s
Lada Projects, Berlin

2007 T he C ollector
EDP Foundation, Lisbon

O l d S c h o o l
Galeria Lino Antonio – Antonio Arroio Art School, Lisbon

2006 T he L odger

Blickensdorff Galerie, Berlin

Pr i v a t e E y e

invaliden1 Galerie, Berlin

2005 R olling!

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art , Lisbon

Blickensdorff Galerie, Berlin

2004 Lady Macbeth

AR.CO Art Fair

PRO08 – Project Room, Madrid

2003 Ophelia

Colégio das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal

2002 En Gar de!

Culturgest, Oporto, Portugal

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art , Lisbon

2001 S low Motion on Paper

Art Attack + Estgad, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

T i m e O d y s s e y

Luis Serpa Projects / Sala do Veado, Museo de Historia Natural, Lisbon

Unrest, Unsaid, Gemeentmuseum den Haag, Holland

2000 Noé Sendas

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

1998 Temporary Exhibitions Gallery CAM-Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon


Antonio Cachola Collection, Museu Elvas, Portugal

Ar.Co (Centro de Arte e Comunicacao) Collection, Lisbon

BES Photo Collection, Lisbon

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Collection, Lisbon

CAV Foundation Collection, Coimbra, Portugal

Caixa Geral Depositos/ Culturgest Collection, Lisbon

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art Collection, Lisboa Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal, Portugal. EDP Foundation Collection, Lisbon

Contretype Centre d`Art Contemporain pour la Photographie Collection

John Bock Collection, Berlin

Juliao Sarmento Collection, Lisbon

Galería Pedro Oliveira Collection, Oporto, Portugal

Leal Rios Foundation Collection, Lisbon

Luis Serpa Projects Collection, Lisbon

L’Wren Scott Collection, London

MEIAC Museum Collection, Badajoz, Spain

MAR – Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro
Michael Hoppen Gallery Collection, London

Pedro Cabrita Reis Collection, Lisbon

PLMJ Collection, Lisbon

Galeria Raquel Ponce Collection, Madrid

Colecciones Privadas en Brazil, Holland, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and UK