1980 - Beijing

Liu Xiaofang

Liu Xiaofang (b.1980) is a graduate of the Department of Photography, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Liu creates photographs with a dream-like aesthetic that draws upon her memories of childhood and poetic contemplation of the world around her. Her delicate and seemingly utopian sceneries blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined, leaving her audience to question their own assumptions about truth and reality.

In 2010, she was among the select few to be named Most Promising Contemporary Photographers by Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland; and participated in the travelling exhibition reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today. Liu has exhibited in group shows worldwide including China, Japan and Switzerland.

Selected Exhibitions

2019 MIA Photo Fair, Milan, mc2gallery

2018 Solo show, Galleria Guidi&Schoen, Genoa, IT
Circle / Squared, Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix (AZ), USA

2016 MIA Photo Fair, Milan

2016 CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2015 Solo show – Visionarea, Rome

2015 Unfamiliar Asia – Group show at CAFA Museum, Beijing

2015 Solo show – mc2gallery, Milan

2014 Horizon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 Flux Realities, Artscience Museum, Singapore

2013 The AIPAD Photography Show, New York

2013 Landmark, The Fields of Photography, London

2012 The AIPAD Photography Show, New York

2010 LINGER 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing, China

2010 ReGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today ¨C A travelling exhibition produced by the Musee de I’Elysee, Switzerland

2010 Join in Annual Photography Fair Paris Photo, France

2010 A Decade Long Exposure, The Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese Contemporary Photography, Beijing, China

2005 Pingyao International Photo Festival, China