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mc2 Gallery

Vincenzo Maccarone approaches art from a young age, Milan and Italy have been very important for his growth and at the age of 20 he began to collect works of art. The turning point came when he met Claudio Composti in 2006, a cultured man and art gallerist for generations, who grew up together with many of the most important artists of the Italian transavanguardia. With him, in 2009 they founded mc2gallery in Milan, with the aim of representing young emerging artists, many of whom are now exhibited in important museums.

Since 2012 Vincenzo has spent his life between Vietnam and Montenegro, two very different and interesting countries, but rich in intellectual stimuli, and in 2018 mc2 opens the gallery in Montenegro, in Lustica Bay.
Mc2 is a dynamic gallery, we organize exhibitions in our space in Lustica bay, in museums, public spaces and in international exhibitions, we are dealers and advisors for the acquisition of works by corporate clients and companies.